Standardized Testing for Homeschool can be Better

Most of the standardized tests currently available to homeschoolers aren’t good enough.

When it comes to standardized testing for homeschool kids, we can do better. The tests are old– anywhere from 8 to 46 years old! They’re inconvenient– you can choose to test by mail and wait weeks for results, or gather your kids up to meet a stranger to be assessed, or have the stranger come to your home (so you can add cleaning to your test prep). Worst of all, the results are almost useless– what do you do with the information that your 3rd grader’s reading comprehension is in the 70th percentile (compared to students from 2005 or 1970), or that your 6th grader has the mathematical reasoning of an 8th grader in the 1990s?

As homeschoolers, we get it.

We have searched the standardized testing landscape and are bringing a better test to the homeschool community.

Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) is a nationally-normed standardized test used in many public schools and now available to the homeschool market. It’s a computer-adaptive test that adjusts to fit your child as they take the test, whether they are working at, above, or below grade level. Because the MAP® is tailored to your child’s learning level, it can precisely measure their academic progress and growth in a brief test. Test on Monday and Tuesday and on Friday you’ll receive a thorough report designed specifically for the needs of homeschool parents, with the specific skills your child demonstrated in the test, what they are ready to learn next, and where they stand compared to current academic standards.

The test is taken online, using your computer, iPad or Chromebook. We administer the test remotely; there is no degree requirement for parents.  

The MAP® is untimed, so children do not need to rush. For a typical student, total testing time is 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Many accommodations are available for students with learning differences.

Test sessions are limited– don’t miss out on the new option for standardized testing for homeschool kids!